16 Dec

Small Lawn replacement

We installed a small rear garden using Namgrass Elise lawn to replace the customers existing very wet lawn.

The customer wanted an area which would not be a horrible boggy mess and we took this on board during the installation.

IMG_8731We got to work hand digging the old lawn area to make it ready to start prepping for the brand new NamGrass!

We get to work bringing in the MOT type1 scalping base while installing a concrete plinth around the perimeter of the area.  We compact the hardcore base once all leveled out to the appropriate levels.


We then bring in some sharp sand to blind over the top of the hardcore base and then compact and level the area out to prepare for Geotextile membraneIMG_8736

Once membrane has been laid we start bringing in the great quality namgrass Elise grass.  We lay out the lawn and make sure that it is pulled tight and start to cut the grass into the edges of the perimeter before being able to glue it in place.

The area is all cut in and then we get using aquabond glue supplied by Namgrass and work our way around the perimeter.  Once all glued into place we add some small nails and place these 200mm apart to give more security on the edges.

Once all completed we dispose of the cut offs and add some kiln dry sand and use our petrol brush to brush up the grass against the pile to help make it stand up.

This completed the customers installation and we feel it was another brilliant laid lawn


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