07 Jan

Rear Garden lawn install

We had a chance to create a nice lawn area for the customers children to have an all weather area to play football and enjoy their trampoline.

The area was 90sq m2 of existing grass.  We arrived with our machinery and tools to make a start on the job.
Here is the before images before making a start.

DSC05572 DSC05576 DSC05577












Once the initial dig out was done and removed via a grab lorry. we laid down a geotextile membrane on the soil ground and then had the Scalping base added in the center, which will be leveled after the frame has been installed.

We installed a frame around most of the area and applied a concrete pad around the brick work to prepare for the glue along this area.

We then leveled out the scalping base up to the wood height (75mm) and then compacted fully.  After this we added a thing layer of sand to help get the levels correct.  This is compacted and has added water to it then leveled.

We then apply another membrane layer and nail into place all around the perimeter.

Now its time to roll out the lawn and get into place in the garden.
We get the lawn laid out and all cut ready to pin and glue into place.

We pin every 200mm around the edges to hold this in place and then add the glue on the joints and along the concrete edging areas.

Once the grass has been completely fixed we add a kiln dry sand and brush up to a great finish.

IMG_5696 IMG_5697 IMG_5699


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