01 Apr

Front Lawn Area

What better way to finish a Friday then to lay some Green Elise lawn.

We had a driveway and lawn area to complete starting on Wednesday.  The area was made up of tarmac and slate stones which was all to be removed and transformed into something great!.

DSC06660This is the before shot of the front garden area.  This was all taken away to allow us to get the driveway installed and also the frame work in to give a start on the lawn area.

DSC06669The frame for the lawn was made up of part tanalized timber and also concrete plinth.  These are installed first to the correct levels and then MOT type1 scalping is added for the base and compacted to create a solid ground.  We then added a thin layer of sharp sand to allow us to level out the the area to allow for the membrane layer to be added.

The membrane is added on top of the sand and then the lawn is placed on top.  This was a nice open area to let us roll out the lawn without restrictions such as trees or tight spaces.  We then got to work on cutting in all of the outsides to fit snugly.

Once all the grass has been cut correctly we glue the areas which lay on the concrete plinths and use nails on the timber frame to secure this all down.

I felt this lawn installed with the driveway was a huge transformation in only a short time.  The customer can now enjoy a maintenance free front garden for years to come.


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