08 Oct

Putting Green Installation

Pro Putting Green In Caversham, Berkshire

We installed a great looking putting green to transform this small area into something the ticked all the customers requirements.

we started off with the existing lawn area which was covered with grass but did not grow well due to the trees close by.  We made quick work of removing all of the old ground to prepare for the base installation.


Once all the lawn was removed we got to work by installing the scalping base and also some timber framing and concrete plinth work.  This helped give a strong edge for the lawn to be fixed to. Once the scalping base was laid and leveled we discussed with the client where the golf holes were being put.  Once we agreed on the area these were installed and concreted into place to make sure they didn’t more.  Once secured we compacted the scalpings to a strong level area.
After the above steps have been completed, the next thing to do is install a very thing layer of sharp sand to take out any imperfections on the base.  The layer is a few millimeters thick to make sure nothing dips later on.  once leveled we compact and then blend the area to the correct falls and levels.


Once level we then install a Geotextile membrane layer and secure down before adding the putting green artificial grass into place.  This is rolled out and positioned correctly before any cuts are done.
Once the lawn has been pulled into the correct position cutting began along the edges until the lawn fits in snug.
During the install we had some lawn left over from a previous job so after talks with the customer we installed a small area of rough along the fence to give the lawn a more authentic look and feel which we felt was the best thing to be done.
We got to work cutting the rough into place adding a small curve to not make it all square.  After the cutting was done we roll out the jointing tape and start to glue all the joints down making sure there is none showing.
After this step it was down to spreading kiln dry sand over the green and brushing up lightly with out machine to work the sand into the pile of both grasses.

We feel this was a superb and fun install done by Get The Lawn which made a huge transformation on this customers garden space. The team as always pulled together to complete a great install.
dsc07472dsc07458 dsc07462

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24 Apr

Rear Garden in Slough

Rear Garden Install 22/04/2016

We had an install for a rear garden in Slough, berkshire this week to help transform a tired lawn into a great play area for the children which was the customers main objective.

We visited the garden area to make a start digging and preparing the ground.

IMG_0103 (2)The lawn was looking very used and tired so it required a new Namgrass lawn install.
We dug out the soil and started to install our timber frame and also concrete plinths to make a area to allow us to install the base.

IMG_0129Once the base was added and compacted we added a thin layer of sand to help level out the area before adding 25mm shockpad.

After installed and cutting the shockpad it was time to get the Namgrass Green Horizon into place and rolled out.  Previous to this we rolled out the lawn to acclimatise which is recommended.
IMG_0149With both pieces of lawn laid out we lined up the join to make sure it fitted together nicely and then started to cut the over hang on the edges.  We then glued the join making sure it was secure and pressed down.

Afterwards we nail/glue the remaining perimeter area to secure this down into place.  Once we did this we cleared the area and added a light dusting of Kiln dry sand and then brushed the area using our Stihl brush which helps hold the pile up and brings the lawn to life.

We feel this installation will allow the children to enjoy the garden all year round.

IMG_0160 IMG_0154 IMG_0166 IMG_0167

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01 Apr

Front Lawn Area

What better way to finish a Friday then to lay some Green Elise lawn.

We had a driveway and lawn area to complete starting on Wednesday.  The area was made up of tarmac and slate stones which was all to be removed and transformed into something great!.

DSC06660This is the before shot of the front garden area.  This was all taken away to allow us to get the driveway installed and also the frame work in to give a start on the lawn area.

DSC06669The frame for the lawn was made up of part tanalized timber and also concrete plinth.  These are installed first to the correct levels and then MOT type1 scalping is added for the base and compacted to create a solid ground.  We then added a thin layer of sharp sand to allow us to level out the the area to allow for the membrane layer to be added.

The membrane is added on top of the sand and then the lawn is placed on top.  This was a nice open area to let us roll out the lawn without restrictions such as trees or tight spaces.  We then got to work on cutting in all of the outsides to fit snugly.

Once all the grass has been cut correctly we glue the areas which lay on the concrete plinths and use nails on the timber frame to secure this all down.

I felt this lawn installed with the driveway was a huge transformation in only a short time.  The customer can now enjoy a maintenance free front garden for years to come.


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16 Dec

Small Lawn replacement

We installed a small rear garden using Namgrass Elise lawn to replace the customers existing very wet lawn.

The customer wanted an area which would not be a horrible boggy mess and we took this on board during the installation.

IMG_8731We got to work hand digging the old lawn area to make it ready to start prepping for the brand new NamGrass!

We get to work bringing in the MOT type1 scalping base while installing a concrete plinth around the perimeter of the area.  We compact the hardcore base once all leveled out to the appropriate levels.


We then bring in some sharp sand to blind over the top of the hardcore base and then compact and level the area out to prepare for Geotextile membraneIMG_8736

Once membrane has been laid we start bringing in the great quality namgrass Elise grass.  We lay out the lawn and make sure that it is pulled tight and start to cut the grass into the edges of the perimeter before being able to glue it in place.

The area is all cut in and then we get using aquabond glue supplied by Namgrass and work our way around the perimeter.  Once all glued into place we add some small nails and place these 200mm apart to give more security on the edges.

Once all completed we dispose of the cut offs and add some kiln dry sand and use our petrol brush to brush up the grass against the pile to help make it stand up.

This completed the customers installation and we feel it was another brilliant laid lawn


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13 Jan

Grass area with new patio install

Had a great week installing a lovely patio area with new artificial lawn!.
The customers requirements was to replace the old garden area with a sandstone patio with a circle and also a semi circle at the top of the garden and then having a large lawn area.














We are very happy with the total outcome of the rear garden. We have a company called Acre Driveways which is our main business that installs driveways and patios found here www.acredriveways.co.uk 

Get The Lawn is our standalone artificial lawn install website where we can install only grass for customers if they only require this service.

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07 Jan

Rear Garden lawn install

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